Wing commander Abhinandan Vardhman,will return to India on 1st March.

Wing commander Abhinandan , will return to India on March 1 It has been announced by Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan. On February 28.

Wing commander Abhinandan Vardhman
Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhman

Lastly, Pakistan is releasing our Wing Commander Abhinandan. They will be released from the Pakistan on  1 March. Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan himself has announced this. But before this announcement he said something else. Referring to a phone call. Said that Modi tried to talk to the phone. But the matter has not been discussed.

Trump said - Good news is coming from India and Pak, Proposal of 3 countries in UN to ban Masood.

In Vietnam, US President Donald Trump, who met North Korean ruler Kim Jong, gave a big statement on Indo-Pak tension. Trump expressed confidence that the situation of the war between the two countries would soon end. The US president said that good news is coming from India and Pakistan. Meanwhile, the United States, France and Britain presented the proposal to the UN Security Council to ban Masood Azhar, chief of the Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist organization, who took responsibility for the Pulwama attack.

Trump said - we are trying to help India and Pakistan. We are trying to stop both and we have good news from there. Hopefully the stress will end soon. It has been running for a long time and now it will end.

China silence on the proposal for ban on Masood.

China has not responded to the proposal introduced in the UN for banning Masood. France, the United States and Britain have demanded to ban Masood's global travels and to freeze all of his property in his proposal. On February 14, 40 soldiers of Indian security forces were martyred in a fidayeen attack in Pulwama, Kashmir. Jaish took responsibility for the attack.

3 times earlier, the proposal presented, every time China imposed

In order to ban Masood, the proposal has been introduced for the fourth time in last 10 years. India had proposed in 2009. In 2016, with the support of India, the United States, France and Britain, the offer was a second time. The third such proposal was introduced for the third time in 2017. Every time China has stopped it technically incorrectly.

China's stern attitude after the Pulwama attack.
The responsibility of the Pulwama attack was byMasood. After this, China said that we oppose any kind of terrorism. But as far as Masood is declared a global terrorist, we will see it in a responsible manner.

5 permanent members including China in the United Nations Security Council.
US, China, France, UK, Russia are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Apart from these, Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Gabon, Gambia, Malaysia, Namibia, the Netherlands and Slovenia are its temporary members.
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